Lives of Service

Much has been written about the founders of Nashotah House, Bishop Jackson Kemper, The Rev. Dr. J. Lloyd Breck, Rev. William Adams and Rev. J.H. Hobart. They were the initiators of a significant movement to form leaders in the Anglican Tradition in the Midwest. Because of their vision, Nashotah House played an important role in the formation and impact of many others in the history of the Episcopal Church.

The history of Nashotah House is an important part of the history of the Church in the U.S. and globally. The House drew immigrants to the New World and played an important role in spreading the Episcopal faith to all four corners of the earth.

In celebration of our 175th Anniversary we are highlighting only a few of the many stories that exemplify the historic impact Nashotah House alumni have had on the Church, the country and the world. (Read More by clicking here)



On the Cover of the 175th Special Edition of The Missioner magazine, are images of three stained-glass windows located in the Chapel of St. Mary the Virgin: Archbishop Michael Ramsey, The Rt. Rev. Charles C. Grafton and The Rt. Rev. John McKim.   Click image to the left to learn more about these honorable leaders in the Church and their connection to Nashotah House.


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