Educational Effectiveness

Educational Effectiveness

Nashotah House Theological Seminary is committed to a classical approach to academic and spiritual formation of our students in all of our programs. That commitment is articulated through the “pillars” undergirding all work at Nashotah House: habitus fidei (a faithful character) , intellectus fidei (a faithful intellect), praxis fidei (a faithful practice). The faculty and staff utilize a variety of evaluative instruments to assess the ongoing quality of curriculum and instruction, and to determine achievement of learning outcomes. A recent survey of the data offers evidence of the integrity of our degree programs, of our students’ ability to complete them in a timely manner and then engage in appropriate ministry.

Nashotah House offers five degrees: the Master of Divinity (residential only), the Master of Theological Studies (residential and hybrid-distance), the Master of Arts in Ministry (hybrid-distance), the Master of Sacred Theology and the Doctor of Ministry. In 2009-2010 22 students graduated in all programs and 21 of them were placed in ministry (95.4%). In 2010-2011 23 students graduated in all programs and 23 of them were placed in ministry (100%). In 2011-2012 23 students graduated in all programs and 21 were placed (91.3%). The three year average of graduation to placement rate is 95.5 %.

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