The Bishop Salmon Scholarship Program

As Nashotah House celebrates its 175th Anniversary, we remember and honor those leaders who throughout the House’s history maintained its traditional roots while envisioning the future. Bishop Edward Salmon, Former Dean, Trustee and Board Chair of the House, was one of these leaders. “Bishop Salmon loved Nashotah House, believed in its mission, and worked hard for its success. As a tribute to his memory and his vision for the House, the Seminary has initiated the Bishop Salmon Scholarship Program.” The Very Rev. Steven Peay, Dean & President.

The Bishop Salmon Scholarship Program provides an opportunity for those who believe that the future of the Church is best served by investing in its ordained and lay leadership, to be a part of that legacy.

The Bishop Salmon Scholarship Program will be comprised of funds specified by their benefactors as endowed scholarships. The Bishop Salmon Scholarship Fund will be one of the Program funds. Donors can make a gift of any size to the Salmon Fund. When these generous contributions accumulate to the $335,000 level, the Salmon Fund will award one student with a full tuition scholarship or partial scholarships for up to four students. As this Fund grows over time, it will support a multitude of students on an annual basis in perpetuity. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect those passionate about seminary education to future Church leaders. 

Another way donors can participate in The Salmon Scholarship Program is by establishing their own named fund. For a minimum gift of $35,000, payable over a 3-5 year pledge period, donors may initiate their own Legacy Scholarship Fund named for themselves or someone whom they wish to honor or memorialize.

All funds established as a part of The Bishop Salmon Program will be invested to provide scholarships to Nashotah House students in perpetuity, with only a small percentage of the corpus being dispersed annually. This method insures that the fund will grow to keep pace with inflation.

Contributions to the Salmon Scholarship Fund or to initiate a named Legacy Scholarship Fund may be made with gifts of cash, stock, an IRA Charitable roll-over or a paid-up life insurance policy. These gifts provide cash that can be applied immediately to the Salmon Scholarship or a named fund. Pledges may be paid over a 3 to 5 year period. Estate gifts including bequests, insurance, annuities or several other options can also be used to establish a named fund that will be activated at a future date. William T. Montei, ,Chief Operating Officer can be consulted regarding these gift opportunities  (262-646-6518). 

The Bishop Salmon Scholars Dinner will be held annually in November to give named legacy fund benefactors the opportunity to meet their scholarship recipients. Those contributing $1,000 or more to the Salmon Fund during the year of the Dinner will be dining with Salmon Scholarship recipient(s).

The thoughtful legacy of those who participate in the Bishop Salmon Scholars Program will leave an indelible mark on the character and moral development of countless individuals touched by the ordained and lay leaders educated at Nashotah House.

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