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Important as academics are to us, we know that unless a seminary education yields growth in faith, hope and love, theological discourse is an exercise in vanity. As important as worship is to Nashotah House, we know that the beauty of holiness can hardly be restricted to a chapel. It is realized, also, in the ordinary experience of life together in community.

Eating together, working together, studying together, and negotiating the challenges of fellowship together—these, too, are vital to our formation. That’s why, as other seminaries begin to de-emphasize or even eliminate their residential programs, Nashotah House continues to offer an intensive residential experience even to its cohorts of distance learning students. And that’s why the Sons and Daughters of the House, as well as their spouses and children, form relationships here which they continue to enjoy, and to which they can look for support, throughout their ministries.

Once a month, our students, faculty and their families share in a community dinner at the James Lloyd Breck Refectory, and this builds up the body at Nashotah House in more ways than one. Eating together is an act of communion. Our faculty and students share a hot breakfast and lunch in the Refectory each weekday during the semester; theological or exegetical discussions which begin in the classroom often continue here. This cements the bonds of fellowship and friendship between our faculty and students, and teaches us the practice of charity.

Our rule of life is monastic, but Nashotah House is a family-friendly community, of which our children are vital members. Few neighborhoods in the world are as safe for children as ours, and few offer so much adventure. Our fields, our woods, our lake, our playground and gymnasium—these are just a part of what makes our campus so hospitable to healthy family life. Our husbands and wives belong and contribute to our community every bit as much as our students, and they too share in the total experience of spiritual formation for ministry.





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