General Numbers

Nashotah House Switchboard: 262-646-6500
Nashotah House Fax: 262-646-6504
Nashotah House Sacristy: 262-646-6525
Maintenance: 262-646-6528

Employee Directory

Office of Provost

Garwood P. Anderson, PhD

Phone: (262) 646-6512
President & Provost, Professor of New Testament

The Reverend Esther A. Kramer, PhD

Phone: (262) 646-6530
Associate Provost

Mary Johnson

Phone: (262) 646-6512
Executive Assistant, Dean's Office

The Office of Institutional Advancement

Labin L. Duke

Phone: (262) 646-6517
Executive Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Lisa Swan

Phone: (262) 646-6509
Director of Marketing and Communications

Molly McFadzen

Phone: (262) 646-6507
Manager, Institutional Advancement

Administration / Business Operations

Cheryl Pawelski

Phone: 262-646-6508
Senior Accountant

William T. Montei

Phone: (262) 646-6518
Chief Operating Officer


Phone: (262) 646-6522
Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew
Servants of Christ Research Professor of Monastic Studies
Adjunct Professor, New Testament Greek
Phone: (262) 646-6509
Assistant Professor of Liturgics and Pastoral Theology
Phone: (262) 646-6521
Associate Professor of Church History
Adjunct Professor, Church & Society
Phone: (262) 646-6534
Associate Professor of Ascetical Theology
Phone: (262) 646-6520
Instructor in Church Music; Director of Music, Worship, and Residential Life
Phone: (262) 646-6524
Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology
Adjunct Professor, Moral Theology & Contemporary Issues
Affiliate Professor of Theology
Phone: (262) 646-6512
Research Professor of Homiletics & Church History, Dean-President Emeritus
Visiting Professor, Pastoral Ministry
Affiliate Professor of New Testament
Affiliate Professor of Church History
Chair-Designate, Order of St. Benedict Servants of Christ Endowed Professorship in Ascetical Theology
Adjunct Professor, Practical Theology & Christian Leadership
Affiliate Professor of Pastoral Theology

Hospitality & Food Service

Randy Savage

Phone: (262) 646-6526
Food Production Manager

IT Services

Matthew Bills

Phone: (262) 646-6513
IT/Database Administrator


Lynn Feider, PhD

Phone: (262) 646-6538
Part-Time Technical Services Librarian

Bramwell Richards, MLIS

Phone: (262) 646-6537
Electronic Services Librarian


Ricco Medina

Phone: (262) 443-3540
Maintenance Supervisor

Student Services

Kelly Medina

Phone: (262) 646-6506
Student Affairs Assistant

Mallory Jordan

Phone: (262) 646-6519
Financial Aid Coordinator/ Administrative Assistant

Carolee Puchter

Phone: (262) 646-6514


Dawn Berner

Phone: (262) 646-6503
Head of Housekeeping

Loriann Knapp


Ashley Olson





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