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Generous donations to the Jackson Kemper Annual Fund allow NASHOTAH HOUSE to keep tuition, meals, and housing fees as low as possible. We are committed to making seminary education affordable for the Christian leaders of tomorrow, as well as cultivating a vibrant community through scholarships and institutional financial aid, including:

• Entrance Awards
• Need-based Grants
• Work Scholarships
• Merit Scholarships for Leadership and Academic Achievement


• Fundraising Support
• Access to External Scholarships

For serious candidates seeking entry in the next academic year, we also offer a FLY & APPLY PROGRAM, subsidizing travel costs to visit campus and have an in-person interview.

To learn more about your options or to schedule a visit to our campus, contact our full-service Admissions Counselor at


Nashotah House endeavors to keep tuition, fees and rents as low as possible by raising funds for seminary operation through The Bishop Kemper Annual Fund. We encourage our students to diligently seek external funding for their seminary education, providing opportunities for the Church to increase her support and facilitate the education of clergy. Nashotah House is committed to helping students identify possible sources of external financial support and promises to guide and assist those who are willing to work hard to avoid or minimize student loan debt. Please explore the various resources at your disposal in the sections below:

How Aid is Calculated

Financial Aid put together by considering the student’s FAFSA information, student’s expected contribution (EFC), and the support of sponsors and internal and external scholarships. These factors make up the Estimated Financial Assistance of a student which is then subtracted from the Cost of Attendance to calculate financial need. Need-based aid is then considered and awarded. Any remaining Cost of Attendance will be offered in the form of Title IV Loans not to exceed the annual maximum of $20,500. Depending on their situation, a student may choose to accept part, all or none of the offered loans.

Deadlines and Award Letters

All FAFSA prior year W-2s, and financial aid application forms must be received by January 15th to be considered for priority packaging. Late applications/submissions of forms may result in the loss of or lessening of potential financial aid. Award Letters will be mailed and emailed to the student by March 15th and must be signed and returned (scanned or mailed). No student will receive any financial assistance until the signed letter is returned.

Changes to the Aid Package

Changes to an aid package may result for various reasons including: lack of fulfilment of work duties, decrease/increase of pledged sponsorship or cost support funds, loss of satisfactory academic progress, disciplinary violations resulting in a loss of scholarship, change to your FAFSA, change in full-time status, and addition of a previously unknown external scholarship.

Students will be notified via email/mail if changes to aid package have been made. A new award letter will be issued and, if applicable, a bill of outstanding charges resulting from the change.

Personal Fundraising

Nashotah House is proud of her students who have worked hard to raise funds by appealing to family, friends and other supporters, presenting their financial needs during seminary as an opportunity for others to invest in their ministry and in the future of the Church. Students who have been industrious in raising funds in this manner have many inspiring stories to tell about how the Lord has provided for their needs. They have been especially blessed because each donation comes with prayer support, encouragement and spiritual blessing. Through these exchanges their faith has grown. Nashotah House requires that students make efforts at fundraising part or all of their seminary expenses.

Fundraising is factored into the Estimated Financial Assistance (EFA) for a student and used to calculate financial need. We ask students to provide their potential and declared sponsors (at least their sending parish and diocese) with the Seminarian Supporters Guide and return the applicable forms.  

Nashotah House Aid

Nashotah House has a modest endowment fund designated for scholarships and student aid. Each year the proceeds of this fund are distributed to full-time residential students according to financial need. All residential students seeking aid must submit their FAFSA and previous year financial information to Nashotah House annually by March 1st. Financial need is assessed each year based on that information. Every new residential student who qualifies for financial need will be awarded some amount of aid. The three types of aid are as follows:

-Need-based aid funds are awarded under the condition that the student can prove lack of support of their sending parish and/or diocese. Students must make continued effort to apply for external scholarships and fundraise in order to receive need-based aid funds.

-Work Scholarships give the student the opportunity to contribute their time and talents to various community responsibilities. Work Scholarships are awarded primarily due to one’s interest in the position, but decisions between two qualified candidates may be made based upon their financial need. Most students on campus have some form of work scholarship.

-A limited number of Merit-based aid awards are available each year for the students who balance the Benedictine discipline of prayer, work, and study especially well.

-The Rath Foundation scholarship is given to Nashotah House by the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU) in the amount of $12,000 to award to the top two graduating seniors in good standing.

Students in the Distance Education are not eligible for Nashotah House scholarship aid at this time but may be eligible for external scholarships.

Advanced Degree programs are not eligible for Nashotah House scholarship aid but may be eligible for external scholarships

External Scholarships

Many organizations award grants and scholarships to seminary students. Students must be organized and willing to work at securing such funding, but Nashotah House pledges to assist students in all of her programs (Residential, Distance Education and Advanced Degree) in their efforts to find and apply for such funding. Nashotah House is committed to helping students in any way they can to avoid or minimize student loan debt. Please see the “Scholarship Opportunities” link under the current students tab for a comprehensive list.

Title IV Student Loans

While we strongly encourage our students to avoid or minimize student loan debt whenever possible, Nashotah House is an accredited, degree-granting institution and is able to assist eligible students receive Federal Student Loans.

To apply for a Federal Student Loan, please click here to be re-directed to the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) website. Students will need to complete the FAFSA online each academic year in order to be eligible aid of any kind. Students who intend to take out Unsubsidized Direct Loans must complete the online entrance counseling and sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN) here. The student may receive an award letter showing the amount of loan funds for which he or she is eligible, these funds will not be received or disbursed without the completion of all the above.

Additionally, certain students may be selected for additional verification and/or additional loan counseling to enforce smart borrowing practices. Funds may not be released until verification is completed.

A student may initially choose to decline loans or take less than offered, provided their initial award is unchanged; they may receive the declined loan funds later up to their eligible amount.

A student may also pay excess loan funds back to their servicer without interest penalty if completed within 120 days of the disbursement.

For questions regarding loan counseling please contact or call 262-646-6519

VA/TA Military Benefits

Nashotah House is approved to offer eligible students the chance to use their G.I. Bill® benefits to pay for tuition. Students interested in using these benefits should first apply for benefits on their website (here). All questions regarding the application or eligibility should be directed to the nearest Veteran's Affairs office, or their assigned VA Counselor.

If a student has already received a Certificate of Eligibility, they can send a copy of the Certificate to the Office of Financial Aid. Mallory Jordan, our Financial Aid Coordinator will certify the student at the beginning of each term.

Questions about GI Bill coverage and coordination with other financial aid received by Nashotah House or externally, can be directed to the Financial Aid Coordinator.

Military Tuition Assistance is also accepted at Nashotah House. Students should apply with their respective branch to begin the process.

Note: Prospective students with over $60,000 in loan debt are encouraged to have a frank conversation with their diocese and sending parish, and possibly to work to pay down this debt before entering seminary.





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