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Tired of textbooks? We’re thirsty for knowledge! Too many tests? We aren’t looking for answers. Seeing debt ridden churches in your future? We have no debt. Running here and there? We’ve been stable for 185 years. Overwhelmed with a full-time prospect? We are offering part-time. You’ve read about Ignatius, Augustine, and Kierkegaard. Come meet the Kammerers, the Millers and the Salts. Midwest Boomers searching for generation X, Y and Z. We are going rogue -- exiting a cluster community. It’s been two years. We need a shepherd. We’ve had a major fire with a miraculous renovation. We are filled with hope, hospitality and our secret saving grace -- humor. Spirit calling your name? Call our recruitment specialist.

Andrea Mysen, Director of Ministries
Diocese of Chicago

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Christ Episcopal Church in Ottawa, IL









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