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WEEK 1 | July 12 - 16


Enchanted Worship: Sacramental Ontology & Christian Liturgy

ST 706/806

dr. hans boersma

St. Benedict Servants of Christ Professor of Ascetical Theology,
Nashotah House

This course grounds worship within a sacramental ontology – that is to say, a way of looking at the world that acknowledges the real presence of God in earthly realities. In worship we go up to heaven to join the angelic choirs, while heavenly realities become present here on earth. We will ask how we can ground such assertions metaphysically. And we will turn in some detail to the two specific elements of sacramental worship that have always been regarded as central to Christian liturgy: Scripture and Eucharist. The course aims to contribute to a theology of worship that is grounded in a participatory outlook on life that re-enchants both the cosmos as a whole and our liturgical Sunday morning worship of the triune God.

Tuition: $1500 (Credit) / $500 (Audit)

This course is being offered in-person only.



Work, Vocation & Ethics

MT 702/802

dr. elisabeth rain kincaid

Assistant Professor of Ethics & Moral Theology,
Nashotah House

Many contemporary Christians spend a significant proportion of their lives at work yet often struggle to determine how their professional life connects to their Christian faith, family life, and engagement in the community. For their part, priests and lay leaders often lack the experiences or resources necessary to assist parishioners in addressing these crucial life questions. We will explore the theological resources which the Christian tradition provides for ethical reflection on work – at the office, at home, and in the community. We will consider how this reflection can inform career decisions and vocational discernment and provide both theoretical and practical resources for teaching on these issues in a ministry setting.

Tuition: $1500 (Credit) / $500 (Audit)

This course is being offered in-person and remote.



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