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WEEK 3 | July 26 - 30


Classical Trinitarian Theology

ST 707/807

dr. lewis ayres

Professor of Catholic and Historical Theology, Durham University

The goal of this course is to reflect on the basic dynamics of classical trinitarian theology, a term I use to describe the principles shared between East and West (despite what you may have heard to the contrary!). We will devote one day each to the (primary, whenever possible) texts of five key writers: Gregory of Nyssa, Gregory Nazianzen, Augustine of Hippo, John Damascene, and Thomas Aquinas. Understanding these authors enables students to discern how later authors in both Eastern and Western traditions build on this foundation and where they diverge from it as well as how trinitanan principles undergird the Christian vision of creation, incarnation, and redemption.

Tuition: $1500 (Credit) / $500 (Audit)

This course is being offered in-person only.



Liturgy in Aquinas

ST 708/808

dr. christopher Wells

Affiliate Professor of Theology, Nashotah House and Executive Director & Publisher of ‘The Living Church’

How does theology properly inculcate the experience of God – “a suffering of divine things" – according to St. Thomas Aquinas? Through a close reading of the third part of his great Summa, we will unpack the trinitarian and scriptural pattern of Aquinas's mature sacramental and liturgical theology as the culmination of the work as a whole. Questions on baptism, confirmation, the Eucharist, and sacraments in general will be taken in turn.

Tuition: $1500 (Credit) / $500 (Audit)

This course is being offered in-person only.


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